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How to build  your website     Reduce Web Hosting costs

Your website is your online id which  gives your customers an overview of your company .  If  you are  a  manufacturer or supplier who gets frequent requests from customers  for your  products photos/pictures/catalogs, you can request them to visit your website instead of sending photos thru email every time. Since internet costs  have fallen drastically, you can build a basic website for less  than than US$30 / Indian Rs 1200 a year. Website design is simple and you can set up your own website  in less than a day. You do not have to spend on an expensive web designer  and can update the information whenever you want

  1. Check the websites of  your competitors in your field to get an idea of the content that your customers are looking for .

  2.  Initially you can start with  a free web hosting service provided by your ISP or yahoo geocities.  Many ISPs provide 1 MB web space free along with their dialup package. You will get  an idea about the number of  visitors per month (bandwidth), web space required . However the free space provided may not be adequate and you may also have to display ads

  3. Use any  free HTML software to design your  website. Standard templates are available or you can copy/paste pages and edit details. Minimize your picture/photo size, since most people have a 56K dialup connection

  4. After you have decided on the web space /bandwidth  , select your website domain name. The domain name should be relevant  to your company & product  for better recall value.  Consider at least 3-4 domain names. You can check if  your domain name  is available at Who is

  5.  Usually the company hosting your website ,  is  a  reseller for a domain name registrar.  Charges for domain name registration vary from US$6.5 (for resellers)  to  US$35/ per year  by Network Solutions depending on the features offered.  Since ICANN  charges domain registrars  US$ 6, any company offering a lower price will be adding this cost to other services offered by them. It is preferable to buy a web hosting /domain registration package  from a company located  in your city/town.

  6. Ensure that you are  the registrant, admin , technical & billing contact for the domain  name. If you wish to change your domain registrar after a year, it  is important  that you are the legal owner  of the domain name, not the reseller  

  7. For simple text based sites, Linux web hosting is adequate, but Windows hosting may be used depending on applications.  Linux hosting costs vary and are about US$13/Rs 600 for 10 MB per year. If most of your customers  are from a particular country, a server located in that country will give them faster response.

  8. Your web hosting company will provide you the server name,  login name and password for  FTP. You can  transfer  your files to your website  using  any of  FTP transfer tools like FTP commander 

  9. Keep your website simple and provide maximum product & company information. If your web page takes too long to load, your customer may rather visit a competitor for the product info he is looking for!

  10. Submit your website to search engines.

  11. If  you have any query , feedback or suggestion, kindly let us know by email  


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