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Most companies sell both domain registration and web hosting services. Due to competition in the market, domain registration services are available for Rs 400 or less for .com and .net domain names. Web service companies earn their money from hosting. Worldwide, web hosting prices have fallen drastically, but in India the rates are still very high.

For example,  Indiatimes has recently introduced a package selling 250 MB web space, 5 domain names for Rs 4990 per year. If there is problem with the website, you only get customer support from Monday to Friday. They are closed on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays. Other companies charge as much as Rs 2000 annually  for 15 MB web space.

Most companies spend lakhs of rupees on advertising and your website address will be included in all your product literature and visiting cards. We have noticed that unfortunately most Indian companies do not  have  legal control over  your website. We personally have had a very bad experience for three of our website.

 Your website developer may also be owning your website. You can check this independently by going  to the website Whois . This has information on the owners of all websites worldwide.  Enter your website name , you will get the complete details. The registrant is the owner of the website for all legal purposes. Please confirm that your email is entered as the registrant email. If some other email is displayed, your web services provider owns the website.  To get complete control of  the website, you may have to following the procedure stipulated by ICANN.  For free advice on how to get  control of  your website, please send an email

If you wish to register a new domain name, you can check availability and register your domain name. You will retain full control of the domain name.

This website is hosted by WestHost , we purchased 6000 MB web space, unlimited domain names for less than Rs 8000 per year. We also get email support on holidays, when we wanted some changes in our server configuration on Sunday evening (Indian time), they replied  to our email immediately and resolved the issue within 2 hours.

For free advice on reducing your web hosting costs, please send details of your current website, amount paid annually and features of your web hosting package by email

If  you have any query , feedback or suggestion, kindly let us know by email 


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