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Using email to market your product

 Email is the most cost effective way to increase  the market for your product. If you send emails to thousands of companies from the bulk mail lists available,  only 1- 2% may respond,  but if you send emails to  50 companies from a carefully selected list, more than 50% could reply back. 

However in a few years time, this cost could increase drastically as email service providers & ISPs will try to cut down on commercial email. Millions of email addresses are available for  less than US$50 dollars and since ISP charges are fixed,  irrelevant emails are sent by automated software at almost  no cost. The receiver of  the email wastes time separating & deleting the junk emails, which reduces the usefulness of  email as a means of communication.  

These email addresses are usually gathered when you post  your trade lead /offer at  websites .(When you post your buy /sell offer at  any website, be ready to receive offers for transfers millions of  dollars from corrupt dictators  & spend time deleting them.)

By using our lists of buyers, importers, dealers, distributors & agents now, you can expand the market for your product  and ensure that you do not receive junk email.  A few  points to be considered while using email for product promotion are:

 If you have any other suggestions/ feedback about using email for business correspondence we will be happy to hear from you. Email  

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