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Please note that this offer is currently open only to Indian companies

When we send importer and buyer enquiries to suppliers and manufacturers, we try  our best to verify the buyer information. In the past 5 years, we have observed that for  90% of the enquiries sent to suppliers, the  buyers are genuine.  However, orders may not get finalized for a particular enquiry mainly due to the following reasons

1. The price is too high for the buyer.

2. Payment terms are not acceptable to the buyer

3. The buyer is interested in suppliers from a particular country only. 

4.  Product specifications do not match the buyers requirements.

5. Delivery time is not acceptable.


In order to ensure that when you purchase a  enquiry from us, it gets converted into an order, we have a special offer for Indian companies only.

We will send you the detailed enquiry from the buyer to companies registered with us.

These enquiries are also posted on our website  Detailed buyer enquiries 

You can send your quotation for any enquiry of your interest

Please ensure that FOB price, minimum quantity and payment terms are also indicated.

We will forward it  the buyer FREE.

We will not forward enquiries where the price is not available.

We are also unable to forward enquiries with large attachments

Orders are often finalized within a month, so please send offers for the latest enquiries only.

If the buyer wants to finalize the order with you and responds to us,  we will send the buyers reply to you.

If your company is then interested in directly contacting the buyer for finalizing the order , you have to pay our charges of  Rs 1000.  We will then send the complete contact details of the buyer.


The buyer may require references from your company and check your manufacturing facilities before finalising the order.

Please note that we will not accept any commission and buyer contact information will only be provided after payment of our fees.


If you find the enquiry relevant to your business, and wish to directly contact the buyer, instead of forwarding your quotation through us, please let us know. Many times, the first enquiry may not result in an order, but you will receive future enquiries directly from the buyer

We can provide the buyer contact details at a discounted rate.


Our charges can deposited by cash in our account in any ICICI bank branch (account details sent on request) in India.

After depositing the amount, you can  send a scanned copy of the pay-in slip or fax it to us

Please send an email confirming date, time and branch of deposit of the payment or inform us by phone. 

We will confirm the same with ICICI bank.

We will then send the complete buyer contact details to you for direct correspondence.

 The buyer details are always sent within 24 hours after we receive your email confirming deposit. We have not been getting emails from yahoo email ids, so please resend the mails, till you get a reply.

If you do not receive the buyer details , please resend the email.


If  you have any query , feedback or suggestion, kindly let us know by email 


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